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Corvus is extremely accessible; I was always able to quickly reach any staff member. Because they're a smaller company, they don't have to mark up their costs to cover exorbitant overhead. This is evident in their rates; their estimates and fees have always been very reasonable.
Henk Braakensiek, the Netherlands


Non-Americans who earn an income, own property, have investments or run a business in America are usually required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to file American tax returns. The IRS enforces this obligation by deducting taxes directly from your income (at source), or by collecting your tax remittance when you file your return. Failure to file correctly and on time can result in a fine from the IRS.

Filing tax returns
If you hire Corvus to file your American tax return, we’ll take care of everything. First, we’ll send you a checklist of all the necessary information you’ll have to provide. Then, once we receive what we need, we’ll prepare your tax return form.

When the form is ready, we’ll send you a package containing the following:

All you’ll have to do is sign the indicated pages and return them to Corvus. Then, we’ll submit the tax return via registered mail.

We’ll handle all correspondence with the IRS and will only contact you if we need additional information.

The rate for filing American tax returns depends on the content of each return, the number of projects associated with the return and whether or not you were taxed at source. We apply graduated rates because certain returns (e.g. those taxed at source) require more correspondence with the IRS than do other returns. Please visit the Rates section of this website for more information on our fees.

Please click the important dates tab for information about IRS filing deadlines.

We’re always available for queries regarding American taxation. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or visit our Resources section for additional information.

Dates to Remember:

The last day Corvus can accept a tax return assignment and guarantee that the application will be eligible for an extension.

More Important Dates »

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the authority to delay the dates above by one or more days. For example, this might occur if one of the dates falls on a Sunday or a public holiday.

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